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Motors both black powder and composite. During this time, the company also gathered contracts for military, university, industry, and hollywood special effects. In 1972, Lonnie became president of the company after his father retired.

Tragically, in 1983, Lonnie died in a car accident, so his father Harold took back over the company with help from the rest of the family. However after lonnie, the heart of the company, was lost, it began a slow decline eventually closing its doors in 1994.

after almost two decades of searching by two kansas city model rocketry enthusiasts, Dave Lucas and dave bucher finally found the company after someone mentioned it was for sale on Craig's list. at the end of 2012, the materials and machinery were moved off site and stored until the company could be restarted properly.

in early 2014, property was found in kansas city, and the company was moved to its new home. by july, the foundation was in place to start production again and the renewal of the company began under the current leadership. The next chapter in FSI's history begins now......

In 1970, he sold the company to harold Reese, the old man, who had also worked in aerospace in the past. he and his son Lonnie, expanded the company into the classic FSI. the family built the company to include over 25 kits,  12 Different

Flight Systems started in 1966, in Louisville, CO by George Roos. he started developing black powder engines the same year with F-100s, F-7, E-60, E-5, and D-18s, along with 4 model kits to use them, including the Nova, FSI's First kit.